The end of an era

It is surreal to be at the end of our journey through England, Wales, and Scotland as the UK and world mourn and pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

Announcement of Queen Elizabeth II’s death came just 24 hours after we celebrated the end of our bike journey. The end of our trip in the highlands of Scotland is not far from Balmorel, in Aberdeen, Scotland, where the Queen finished her 70 year reign. Her grace, resilience and equanimity during her lifetime of leadership is truly extraordinary.

We finish this trip on a remarkable week: the Queen’s historic reign ending, King Charles III’s reign beginning, and new Prime Minister Liz Truss confirmed by the Queen just a few days ago. Long love the Queen …and long live the King.

Standing in John O’Groats, a tiny village at the tip of Scotland, looking across the pounding North Sea on a day when headwinds gusted to 25mph, we felt enormous humility and gratitude. So many wonderful people. So much rugged beauty. So much history.

We pedaled 1,100 miles, climbed 72,688 feet, and saw just as many sheep.

I guess the Scots have to do something with all that wool…
We are ready to trade in our bikes for ploughs so we can compete in October along the North Sea.
Aye (yes)! Haste Ye back!
Thank you for driving carefully.
But maybe next time we should consider calling?

This trip was full of laughter, massive amounts of calories, more ups than downs (literally), and friendship. But as with every story, there are at least two sides. Barb, Jo, Kathy, and Cindy may have something to say about that.

Haste ye back!


  1. What an enormous treat it had been to follow your adventure. Thank you for including me on your mailing list. I’ll admit I am very glad you are home with your wonderful family-safe and sound!! With love, Barbara Sent from my iPhone


  2. Dear Anne,
    What a wonderful adventure with you ‼️
    I have looked so forward to each day reading your posts
    Thanks so much for sharing ♥️
    Let me know if you do a visual presentation when you are back home.
    Xoxosue Putnam

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