Wordsworth country

The “romantic poets” were inspired by the lush landscape of Westmoreland, Yorkshire, Cumbria and surrounding counties. The last several days’ green hillsides (emphasis on hills) seem exactly as Wordsworth would have viewed them- just not from a bike!

We have pedaled past the half way point – closing in on 600 miles. Today was a treat putting our “big” hill of the day behind us first thing in the morning. Coming down a steep pitch on a single track lane with a farmer driving up, is an experience.
Cycling through the Forest of Bowland was a spectacular ride. Where are the trees? Used as royal hunting grounds for centuries, the Forest of Bowland is primarily covered in undulating blankets of heather and peat across hills and dales.
Beyond Ingleton we cycled through the Yorkshire Dales before descending into the tiny village of Dent. ,
Jo in Dent, a lovely town that reminded me of a Swiss Village tucked in the Dee River valley.
We watched a farmer and his son herd sheep in the Yorkshire Dales.

Just as we were about to hop on our bikes after our castle exploration, this Tractor Parade emerged from a side road with nearly 200 tractors of every size shape and color imaginable. We were very glad not have been in front of them!


  1. Anne, almost to Scotland!!! Amazing. Mom, Peter and I played 9 holes of golf this evening to get you into the swing of the Scots. Wish you were near Berwick Upon Tweed to stop in on my friend Davina. Next trip!

    Go, Annemal, go!


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