It’s a long way down!

Land’s End, England to John O’Groats, Scotland

At the start of a long coast to coast ride, the ritual is to dip our bicycle wheels into the ocean signaling the start and end of our ride. Not on your life in Land’s End!

The Celtic Sea is beautiful, but treacherous.
It’s not hard to imagine why this coast off of Land’s End has been the site of so many ship wrecks over 100s of years.

We settled for a morning photo on the cliff at the iconic sign marking the beginning of our journey.

Our first official day started misty and windy as we left Land’s End and headed along the western coast of Cornwall. Even when the fog caused our visibility to shrink and the sea to melt away, locals we passed, emerging like apparitions as we slowly cycles down narrow lanes (barely wide enough for one car and our bikes), greeted us, “Good day, mate! Lovely day!”

45 miles down, and 1055 miles and lots more elevation to go! Our route is longer than the direct route to ensure that we avoid the motorways and maximize those narrow lanes and opportunities to get lost.
Tonight’s accommodations? The wind off the sea will dry our wet clothes nicely!


  1. Anne- Thanks for keeping friends and family updated on your trip! Love the observations and the storytelling with photos! Especially appreciate the map you shared today. Helps me better visualize the journey!

  2. Dear Anne, thank you so very much for sharing this journey with us! My mom, Jane McCallum, was born and raised in Hawick, Scotland. I had the wonderful opportunity to travel with her and my dad there in 1999. Seeing Scotland through your travels brings me closer to my mom in Memory. Thank you. Jean

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