If you go to Land’s End, plan for rain (of course!)

Land’s End, England to John O’Groats, Scotland: laughing and pedaling with four friends

The train ended at Penzance which is where our bike trip began this morning, leaving from the Queen’s Hotel (!) on the A30 to that elusive southwesterly town of Land’s End. Riding on a narrow road past hedges and cows, signs pointing to spots for clotted cream tea in stone cottages, a light rain falling, mist coating our glasses: exactly as promised in any UK travel book!

Where’s Cindy? We arrived at the Land’s End Hotel ahead of Cindy still tangled in logistics.

I passed an entrepreneurial fellow, Mr.Matthew’s, who can surely build you a lovely made-to-order casket. We hope we have no need for his services.

And I am already so hungry after our first short ride that this see food and eat it sign hit the mark!!

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