Goin’ home


I saw these signs a couple of thousand miles ago and couldn’t imagine the end in St. Augustine, Florida.  Some days I wished we had found the green “easier” trail, but then we wouldn’t have had half the fun we had!

What a glorious day in St. Augustine for the ceremonial dip of the wheels and a celebratory swim in the Atlantic Ocean in delightful 74 degree waters.


IMG_1845 DSCN3774 DSCN3832


Smiles all around, and patience at the drawbridge when the celebration ended.




Bike packing. The definition of a (crazy) friend is one who will help decipher the directions to pack and unpack a bike box!  (Craig, Chuck, Francie – THANK YOU!)



It didn’t seem that long ago when we were camping at this ranch in Texas adjacent to a barn with a new-born calf and out-houses.




Home to funny signs lining my driveway.  How did those get there?!

DSCN3835 DSCN3848 DSCN3843


You never know where you’ll find wisdom!  I will miss those bakery bathrooms.  These capture the spirit…




  1. Congratulations Anne!!! What a victory!!!!! I have enjoyed your blog immensely and am so proud of your accomplishments…

  2. Love the pictures, and especially the sign showing only 3,000 miles back to Torrey Pines! It was great hosting you, and getting to follow the trip. We hope that you’ll pedal back soon. 😉

  3. Congratulations on a great ride! I am jealous. Loved the pics and living vicariously through you for the past couple months.

  4. Anne – you have a great eye for captivating signs -and this was really an epic journey. I know you’ve spared us some of the grit, and after you recover perhaps a quick ride to Harvard would be nice. Of course, then you might want to continue on to Lenox!

    Those Lincoln “low salt” signs – they don’t REALLY have a bike on them, do they?

    Congratulations! Jeff

  5. Anne, Love the blog! I can’t believe its done! Thank’s for pulling me on the Surly with your fast Lightspeed.

    Your pictures are great.

    Bill Becker

  6. Hi Anne! Mark and I are biking a section of the Southern Tier this April. I’d like to ask a piece of advice. I’ve lost your email address. Could you email me? Thanks, Karen

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