I’m not from around here…

We have a “map meeting” every day where we all pour over our maps to review the route.  In Texas it was easy: head east into the sun and keep going for about 70 or 80 miles and turn right into the camp ground (well almost that easy).  However, Louisiana is different.  There are lots of rivers, streams and small country roads requiring lots of turns.  Last week I accidentally cycled a century when I took a wrong turn, and getting lost has become a common occurrence.

At our daily map meeting, typically our leaders Barb and Sue, say things like, “The map looks like you should take a right, but we are pretty sure you should go straight except our notes say take a left.”  This is not an exaggeration!  We have learned to address this problem by carrying lots of Oreo cookies and M&Ms to eat at intersections as we try to decide which way to turn.


Barb and Sue also warn us about critters.  A raccoon investigated Kathy’s panniers while we slept at our campsite at Chicot State Park.



I stopped at the Post Office in Evergreen, Louisiana to buy stamps.  I asked the postal clerk what made “Historic Evergreen” historic. She said she didn’t know as she wasn’t from around here.  She’s from the Cottonport – the town four miles down the road! DSCN2977DSCN2996DSCN2988

There is lots of history in this state, including many, many well-appointed above-ground cemeteries.

FSCN2920 DSCN2923

We crossed the great Mississippi River on the John J. Audubon bridge.

DSCN3031 DSCN3034

John J. Audubon sketched many of his birds in this forest near St. Francisville, LA.  I stopped by to cool off under the huge oaks on an extremely hot and muggy day.


This friendly barber has been running his establishment for 53 years.  He was happy to chat on a Friday afternoon and encourage me to come to the Civil War re-enactment.  He embodies the essence of relaxed Louisiana.

IMG_1751DSCN3075 DSCN3076

Sometimes there are just plain curiosities along the route.


Louisiana is a relaxed place – we are trying it out on a hot day.  Where’s the iced tea?

IMG_1761 DSCN3003



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  1. Anne, I love seeing the photo of the morning meeting. So nice to know how you start your day. Louisiana looks like a friendly place, mosquitos and all. Enjoy the bayou country.

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