Do I have a deal for you!

The day after we left Silver City, NM, outside this pleasant cafe we met a friendly and eccentric man (a common combination in these parts), who offered my biking buddy and me such a deal: a silver claim with access to 160 acres for a mere $300!  He had moved from Ames, Iowa convinced that he would strike it rich as a few lucky miners had nearly 150 years before.  As tempting as it was to imagine another big silver strike, we pedaled on…





How about this for another deal?  After 100s of miles passing Mexican restaurants in Arizona and New Mexico, finally German food.  Shucks.  Out of business.  But it could be yours for a good price…

DSCN2228 DSCN2249

Here’s an entrepreneurial effort amidst miles of absolutely nothing but pecan groves.  This deal should do the trick!



How about this for a surprising business idea in Fort Davis, Texas?

IMG_1606 IMG_1607

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