Deep in the heart of Texas…


Gotta love cycling on the highway with a nice slow speed limit and easy to navigate entry and exit ramps.  Help!  I felt better knowing that the state motto mentions driving the “friendly way.”

IMG_1511 IMG_1563 IMG_1512

Phew! Off the highway but time for a flat tire (2 and counting since entering Texas).  Watch out for prickly goat heads.

IMG_1581 IMG_1327IMG_1591IMG_1542

The nice county irrigation manager, Danny, and my biking pal, Richard, stopped to assist with my first flat.  I got the second one changed all by myself:)


Snack breaks on the road with my friends Bill, Lou and Richard… no time to move the bikes.  M&Ms call.


We live for chocolate.  The Community Church in a quiet spot in west Texas opened up their church and grounds to us overnight to camp.  Some churches encourage giving up chocolate (or some other dear thing) for Lent.  Apparently not this one!

IMG_1547 IMG_1551

Of course, the next cafe reminded us of who really lays down the law.


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  1. Hi Anne, great reading your updates. If you missed German food in New Mexico, you can always keep pedaling once you get to the East Coast and come over here. Your Texas pictures remind me of a road trip I made across Texas right after graduation in 1990. Driving through Ft. Stockton (?) on 10, we stopped to gas up around midnight. We met a Texas patrolman gassing up at the next pump. About 120 miles down the road towards the East I felt something was wrong and checked my pocket. I had left my wallet on the top of the car back at the gas station and, needless to say, it was no longer there. So we drove back two hours to Ft. Stockton, called the local police and asked the dispatcher for the patrolman by name (he had introduced himself). He came out to the gas station, took us in his patrol car and shone his beam along the roadside. Lo and behold, there was my wallet on the edge of I-10. So, I guess the lessons are 1) Texas patrolmen are really helpful, and 2) you can find great things along the roadside.

    Ride safe and keep posting. Andrew

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