“So why are you riding 3,200 miles ?” and other FAQs

Q Why are you riding 3,200 miles?

A Well, for starters, since I’m not biking in a straight line but instead swerving to get around countless pieces of shredded truck tires, bungee cords sprung free from who knows what, old shoes, and cans and bottles of all sorts (Arizona – where is your bottle bill?), I’m fairly certain I’m doubling the mileage. That being said, I like the answer one of my bike buddies gives to this question, “Why 3,200 miles?” “Because after that you hit water!”


Q Are there “up hills”?

A ARE THERE HILLS??? Friday we climbed 5,700 feet in south eastern Arizona!




Looking back from the top of the pass before whizzing into New Mexico…


Q What about the down hills?

A Whoo hee!!


Q How do you like camping?

A Camping is fun! Packing up is NOT :).


Q Where do you get water ?

Option 1 (This is on the Apache Reservation…)


Option 2:  Sometimes McDonald’s appears on the horizons… All the water you can drink AND a clean bathroom!


But the local option is even BETTER….!!!

DSCN1954 DSCN1953

Q Does it ever get cold in the mountains?

A Absolutely not:)  (This morning in Silver City, NM – 37 degree low – and chilly yesterday in Buckhorn!)

DSCN2144    DSCN2081  DSCN2085

Q What are the other people like?

A They also like to eat and camp and laugh (and bike).

DSCN1992 DSCN1995 DSCN1948


Q Do you take showers?

A I can tell you that my hair looks best under a helmet.  I had to put my “Miss Clairol” back into my handlebar bag:)

DSCN1711 DSCN2021

Q  How’s NM?

A Enchanting!!

DSCN2052     DSCN2000DSCN2024


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