How you know you’ve reached Arizona…

DSCN1689  DSCN1686

We crossed the Colorado River into Arizona, home of countless RV parks and long, dry stretches with lots of warning signs!  Our first Arizona night we camped in Quartzite where there are no fewer than 57 RV parks along one long strip!  Note to self: it’s very hard to pound a tent stake into the gravel ground of an RV park.  We met this friendly, toothless local, Don (below), who told us  countless hilarious stories about his RV community and proudly proclaimed, “This is where lizards come to die…”  Temps get up to 125 degrees!






I stopped at a local book store…where there were more than books.  (This nudist was happy to chat with my biking buddies while I looked for a book to buy! ) And I actually found what I was looking for!  Now I’m reading Steve Job’s biography.  So even if the owner has no clothes, he has some good books.


DSCN1693 DSCN1690DSCN1691DSCN1694

I ALWAYS stop at the rest areas!  The desert doesn’t make for good alternative options:)




How you REALLY know you are in Arizona.  Dorothy, you’re not in California any more….




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