A town called Surprise and other surprises in Arizona




We left Hope for Surprise! I laughed my way through Arizona at the signs…Tomorrow we head into the mountains of New Mexico on our way to Silver City with an elevation of 8,200 feet.



DSCN1804DSCN1805DSCN1806  A reminder that we are in a retirement state!!


DSCN1720 DSCN1734


Guess what we found at mile 88?  A HUGE mall and shopping strip!






These brothers had no choice but to continue in the family business…

DSCN1764     This palm is the real thing – but imposters hide access to internet service:)

DSCN1705 DSCN1723






This sign says it all! (and how often can you buy ice cream AND leather in one stop?)


DSCN1722 DSCN1832


I am hoping it only takes me TWO months…!


  1. Anne – thanks for the color-commentary on your trip…would not have believed some of these things but for the photos. Where I would have guessed the trip would be filled with tales of physical hardship and natural wonders, you have a real eye for irony and off-beat characters! It’s so much fun to be sharing the journey with you! Kerry

  2. Im not sure whether to cry at the grammatical error in the sign or laugh at the message. You are my hero Anne!!

  3. Anne, what you are doing is so cool and adventurous. Congrats and keep it going!!! As for me, still where you left me; on the second floor grinding out that regulatory work.

    1. Hey Jim. Great to hear from you. I am having a blast. Every day is different. Just entered Louisiana and had an amazing Cajun meal and so amazing seeing crawfish farmers today while I was cycling. Hope spring has reached you and that you are enjoying work and play. Thx for your note! Anne

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