We are off… Dog Beach, San Diego up over the mountains to the Mexican border: ready, set, go!


We are not going to be hungry! Do it yourself breakfast and lunch fixings.


First morning requisite dipping of the wheels into the Pacific (and we all got doused by a surprise wave!). What you can’t see are the dozens of dogs running laps around their owners on this aptly named, “Dog Beach.”


Oops! Bike trouble on the first day as we headed up, up, up out of San Diego by big box, medium box and small box stores, but not a bike store to be found. Finally found a combo surf, skate board and bike shop in the small town of Alpine. Sean, the bicycle mechanic, arrived at 4pm after his landscaping job, adjusted my cable etc., and I finally arrived at camp at 5pm! 8 hours for 50 miles on the first day and I’m hoping bike troubles are behind me.


Surprise! We spent a few miles on the freeway today and more tomorrow. It’s legal! Can you imagine doing this in Massachusetts?


Chilly morning at the campground as we start our mountainous day two on our way to the Mexican border.


My favorite water bottles reminds me of my favorite bike buddies back home.


Good bye, San Diego! Thanks to my wonderful friends, Alison, Craig, Sadie and Helen for the send off!

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